Evans Mbugua

Evans Mbugua

I’m an artist, visual artist and designer.

I was born in Nairobi, I live in Paris. Modern and cosmopolitan cities that are characterized by the cultural mix of different peoples.

No matter the creative tool I choose to express myself, human remains at the center of my artistic approach. Each of us has his own story to tell. I paint, photograph and film hope, joy, joy of life, love, pleasure, sharing, presence, cry, pride, silence, emotions, time, the future …

I show my life, that of my friends, unknown and less unknown. Thus diversity nourishes my curiosity towards the world.

In my recent work, I look at our identities and their hidden face. I prefer the portrait to celebrate my characters. I use glass and plexi-glass to sublimate my subjects by shine and reflections, while underlining the human fragility. Often present in my works, pictograms represent our urban environment that shapes, rhythms our life and that becomes my playing field.

Evans Mbugua (1979, Nairobi)

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